Pumpkin Scones

Yesterday the Bean and I made pumpkin scones.  It was a lot of fun and one of my favorite thing about her growing older.  She’s four, going on five, but she’s been helping me in the kitchen for a long time.  She knows how to smooth out the measuring cups, pretends to read the recipe.

Mama, it calls for 15 cups of flour and 77 cups of purple sugar.

Taste the batter, Mama, it needs more pepper (we are making pumpkin scones here, which recipe does not call for pepper).

Times like this, I’m happy she’s growing up, where I can trust her not to turn on the Kitchen Aid (Afflink) http://amzn.to/1S0XnaW without flour going everywhere and how we have actual conversations about things that we did the day before.

I’m happy that she calls me Chef Mama and tells me to call her Chef Bean. I’m happy with the experience of having a growing child and having that time to focus on her and be center in her life experiences.

It’s bittersweet when I can temporarily take that moment and think “Yes, this isn’t so bad.”

On a related note, we had to give all the pumpkin scones away. G is a little upset that we baked all kinds of goodies and he’s supposed to be dropping weight.

At least all my neighbors are happy, and my daughter is happy.

Sigh. I’m happy too, right?


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