Like riding a bike.

I wrote this a while back, but kept forgetting post it.  I hope you don’t mind.

We’ve been doing a St. Joseph’s novena, trying to get our house to sell.  The prayers that involve fatherhood, make me want to weep, because my husband is a good father and husband.  At night though, I wonder when our prayers will be answered
Come on, God.  Throw me a bone.  I have two major prayers that we’ve been repeating for months and years.  We’ve asked for St. Gerard, St. Monica, St. Joseph, St. Jude, St. Christopher, St. Raymond.  Still, our house is still on the market, and my womb is still empty.

I’ve posted our prayer request on every thread asking for intentions.  I’ve placed it in envelopes, I’ve whispered quick prayers as I balance checkbooks, I’ve sat before the crucifix and poured my heart out.  I’ve bowed my head in prayer for me and others, and I’ve reminded my daughter to say “St. Joseph, sell our house”.  We’ve researched online, studied books, we’ve dabbled into essential oils, and funky diets.

Our house is still on the market, and my womb is still empty.  I started wondering what the point in investing all this time on prayer was.

Yesterday, was glorious outside.  We went to the store and she tried riding the bike in the store, so we bought some new tubes for the Bean’s used bicycle, strapped on her helmet and set about refreshing her memory on how to ride a bike.

We practiced stopping before we started.  Peddle, peddle, stop.  Peddle, peddle, stop.  I walked along side of her with my hand on her back, keeping her steady and every once in a while, letting go and letting her peddle on her own.  Then Daddy did it, then he let go for longer, he walked ahead while I walked behind/beside, and we switched places.

I realized that even though she was both uncertain and eager, she needed our support.  Having us close by, ready to help steady her, comforted her, and made it easier for her to forge on.  While the support wasn’t always evident.   We were ready to catch her in the moment of true need.

I really hope that’s what God is doing for us.


1 thought on “Like riding a bike.

  1. Catholic Mutt

    I love your perspective on this. I am in the middle of another novena, praying for things that I have prayed for for years. Things that seem like they may never be answered. I don’t know why there are no answers, but I do believe deeply that it matters to pray anyway. That asking matters, that turning to God matters.



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